How To Bold Text On Facebook

How To Bold Text On Facebook Facebook bold text Generator is a really awesome tool for convert your normal text into Bold and also in Blue color also help you in Facebook For Increase likes. It’s also part of the top Facebook tips and tricks 2021-22. We also shared many tools for Facebook. To be continuing today we are just mixing us some tools with our Somehashtag tips and tricks.

How To Bold Text On Facebook

Nowadays social sites are a really more popular platform for share anything like pictures, photos, videos, and text. But simple you can share only simple text and sharing updates. If you wanna something advance to making your own updates something more different then you must follow our, some tips and tricks. As you know that there are any social sites. If you will see all social sites’ names then you will find the biggest list. Some are very unique,

How To Get More Likes On My status Updates

Getting more likes on your photo, status, and on your videos is not easy, Nowadays social sites using more many proposes, Like some are using the social site for Make Money Using Facebook Page, some are using for business promotion, some are using for getting more popularity, some for making new friends and also for a chat. But all are the first choice is getting more likes, which means everyone trying to get more likes. But because it’s not easy.

Every second many millions of updates are updating by Facebook users. To get more popularity, everyone, trying to get more likes, You can note that some updates getting more likes and some are getting very low impressions, Actually its depend on your updates, Actually, people like unique thing and also something different from others, If you will share different you will get more likes sure. So if you will share your text updates in Bold and also in Blue color then you will get more likes sure. So share bold and blue text and more likes.

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How to Share Bold with blue Color Text Updates and Comments on Facebook

Fo this trick we are just using two methods, Means first for bold text we are using Bold text generator, and for make blue text we are using hashtag system, As you know Hashtag converting your anchor text into links of Facebook community or a Facebook search result, it is very interesting, You can use it for make the blue text so let’s follow.

  • First Convert your simple text into Bold text using below Tool
  • Now just Add # at the start of the world, For Connect word use _ symbol.
  • For example my Word is I love My Mom Then Hashtag #I_Love_My_Mom
  • Just share this on your wall and get more likes.

Final words on Facebook Blue text Trick

Friends this is not an official trick of this social site but it’s working fine, Just generate any text using this simple tool in bold words then just copy that and share it with Hash # tag, It will look more attractive and also help you to show your present with your friends. Finally, thanks for the visit and keep it for more tricks of How To Bold Text On Facebook – Facebook blue text and bold words keep coming. To know about India Esanjeevani OPD – Patient Registration, Login go with this link.

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