How To Stop Tagging On Facebook Timeline Permanently

How to Stop Tagging on Facebook Timeline Permanently is everyone trying to get. So for this today we are sharing with you a simple trick called How to Stop any friends Tagging on Facebook account or Timeline Permanently, We were also shared many useful security and privacy Tips for Facebook Like as How to disable Facebook message from non-friends and How to secure Fb account from any hacker. All are very useful for every FB user, Today we are sharing with you how to manage your Fb timeline or secure timeline from other friends tagging. Fb Tagging is an attractive feature of this social site,

How To Stop Tagging On Facebook

When a friend shares a picture then using a tagging system he can post on our timeline or our wall, Some picture is best if the Tagged picture is not good for you then you must wanna remove that, If you’re logging time is not same as your fan tag, then their tags will appear on your wall, If that is not good then it’s not better for you and your familiar friends, So you must wanna safe to tagging system using some easy steps, Than follow us.
How Can I Stop To Facebook For Avoid to Tag Me

For many days we are getting many emails and Facebook messages for this, Actually people are getting so bored because people just tagging unwanted picture which you don’t like and you getting their unwanted notification, Its really disturbing you and also taking your useful time for review or for the watch, So for my all friends who also getting board same just us this and enjoy this social networking site,

How To Stop Tagging On Facebook

Using this you can stop unwanted tagging of pictures, photos from your wall, post, It’s a simple method but most people don’t know that how to stop tugging on your timeline or your own wall post.

  • First, you click on Fb account and scroll down and click on Privacy Setting.
  • Now watch on the Left side Watch Timeline and Tagging and Click on that.
  • There you will Find How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?
  • Just Edit on Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?
  • Now Click on Enable or Disable Option Like below ScreenShot.
  • #Now you Must set or Choose or Select Enabled Option.
  • Now It’s done.

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Is this Stopping tagging friends method working

This is the latest and Facebook official method, So you can use it freely, If you wanna disable it then use the same method to disable it, For the latest Facebook tips and Tricks, Keep visiting our site, If you like this article, please share this Using SEND Below Button, If you have any question on this article then please comment below, If you have any suggestions on this article, then ask us maybe your suggestion useful for us, Thanks for the visit and keep it for more.
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